Case Study

When Digital Cares for Behavior Therapy Center

Why Not?! We made our client – Empower Therapy, a behavior center for kids with Autism Spectrum, care about the digital presence and vice versa.
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About Our Partner – Empower Therapy

Empower Therapy is a US-based behavior therapy center offering care and therapy for kids with Autism. Their primary offering is ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapy across the Round Rock area. Empower Therapy’s compassionate care towards children with neurodivergent abilities has indeed brought an excellent impression across Round Rock. However, the client acquisition rate for the center made them think about InfintyHub.


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Online Presence & Visibility

In this pixelated age, establishing a strong online presence is essential for reaching potential clients in any business. Empower Therapy doesn’t have enough online traffic, which is much lower compared with the actual traffic in the Round Rock area. This depends on a user-friendly website as the priority, social media profiles as secondary and engaging content as the cherry on top. Empower Therapy basically struggled to get these things happen.

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Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management, another daunting challenge Empower Therapy grappled. The vast reach of the internet boosts both positive and negative feedback, making online reviews and opinions influential factors in shaping public perception. As clients increasingly rely on online information, the competitive landscape underscores the importance of maintaining an authentic and positive online reputation, while addressing privacy concerns and adhering to ethical standards, adding complexity to the task at hand.

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Online Booking &

Convenience! It all matters. When it comes to behavior therapy centers, trust and convenience are the only things that make the thing work. Offering online appointment booking and scheduling systems can improve convenience for clients. However, implementing and maintaining these systems was challenging for Empower Therapy since they are not tech-savvy.

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Challenges with
Paper Based Workflow

A paper-based workflow significantly hampers a behavior therapy center's operation in various ways. It leads to inefficiencies and delays due to manual processes for appointments, record-keeping, and therapy progress documentation. Missed appointments, scheduling conflicts, and communication challenges arise from paper calendars and methods. Compliance difficulties, storage constraints, and a lack of adaptability further compound the problem.


As Empower Therapy deserves the Digital Solution, then it starts with Digital.

Digital presence & transformation for businesses are not a campaign, it’s a commitment.

Founder, InfinityHub

We Make the Therapies Available in the Digital World - For More People & More Clients

After a month entering a relationship with Empower Therapy, InfinityHub replatformed their existing approaches with Data, Design & Digital.


#1 User Centric Website as Centralized Digital Hub

Developing a user-centric website optimized for search engines (SEO) that provides comprehensive information about Empower Therapy’s services, staff, expertise and success stories. Also, we planned to create a unified digital platform that integrates the website, social media, online booking systems and scheduling. This serves as a hub for information, engagement and interaction with potential clients.

#2 Reputation Management Systems Powered with Data Analytics

We implemented a reputation management system that actively monitors online reviews and mentions. We responded promptly and professionally to both positive and negative feedback. We also track website traffic, user behavior and engagement metrics. Primarily made to update online profiles with accurate information to enhance credibility.


#3 Online Booking & Scheduling Fueled with Automation and AI

Integrated an online booking and scheduling system into the website and other digital platforms. Offer a user-friendly interface that allows clients to easily view available time slots, choose therapists, and book appointments. To offer a better experience for the visitors, we utilize AI-driven chatbots to respond instantly to client inquiries, assisting in appointment scheduling and answering common queries. Send automated reminders to reduce no-shows and allow for convenient rescheduling.

#4 Transition to Electronic Health Record System (EHR) with Secure Data Management

Digitize client records, therapy plans, and progress reports. Implement cloud-based storage for easy accessibility and data security. Provide training to staff on using the new system effectively. Adopt robust cybersecurity measures and data encryption to ensure client data privacy in compliance with regulations.

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The Results

Digital Services Offered!

  • Reduced client onboarding time by 40% through the implementation of a seamless online booking and scheduling portals using automation and AI.
  • Elevated customer loyalty with a 60% rise in repeat business due to personalized loyalty programs based on behavior analysis.
  • 50% organic web traffic from the targeted locations with high potential customer acquisition rates.
  • Demonstrated a 25% improvement in marketing campaign effectiveness, resulting in higher client satisfaction and continued investment.
  • Provided irrefutable ROI evidence with detailed multi-touch attribution reports, leading to increased client confidence.