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We are your sales team’s favourite. We manage and ease off their sales tasks like data entry, email services and reporting.

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How we work

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Accelerate Maximum Sales

InfinityHub’s Sales Force Automation Software reduces your sales cycle time and helps you focus more on revenue generation activities.

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Increase Productivity

Using our Sales Force Automation Software, your sales experts can easily automate time consuming tasks and work more productively.

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Eliminating Human Errors

Numbers might be confusing for human brains. However, software does not become frustrated by repeating the same tasks or calculating same numbers. By automating sales, you limit the possibility of making human errors.

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Improve Customer Relationship

When your team is efficient and campaigns are more focused, maintaining customer relationship is more like a cake walk.


With InfinityHub,
secure your servers
from risks

Having a list of goals that you want to achieve and it is taking too much of your productive time? Prepare your list and talk to our experts and find out the automation tools that is best suitable for your growth.

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We keep you focused on valuable leads, opportunities, and recommend future actions and simplified sales actions.

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With our software, transform your sales activities and stay ahead of your competitors in the market.


Make Decisions with Data-driven Insights.

When you think it’s difficult to integrate new tools into your regular operations, our Sales Force Automation Software can easily integrate into your business model without affecting your core plan and strategy.


Never feel you are wasting your time by writing sales emails and plans.

With our Sales Force Automation in CRM, you can experience the benefit of easy customer acquisition, sales, and customer engagement activities combined all in one.

Prospect Management

Our Sales Force Automation platform helps your sales team focus on various marketing campaigns like email campaigns, social media, and advertisements with automated task scheduling and follow-ups.

Pipeline Management

Our sales pipeline management tools give you real-time sales count, insights into your business based on the sales, and ability to identify the potential risks in your sales process.

Sales and Activity Tracking

Our software can handle all your sales and customer activity across multiple platforms. With the clear-cut sales analysis, you have all the solutions to improve your business.


In sales, we can forecast and predict the possibilities of sales count and possibilities of marketing period. With our Sales Automation Software, you can simplify the process and make exact predictions.

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Struggling with Sales or Productivity?

To connect with our team, send us your expectations through email or message or contact us directly.

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Attention is the key!

Give your customers, attention and the solution they need to win their loyalty.

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End-to-end security

End-to-end encryption and cloud security of your data is our first priority. InfinityHub gives you the confidence that you are entirely safe from any data breaches, so you can focus on your other business activities to generate more revenue.

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Extended Support

Our well-designed implementation methodology and support staff ensures availability when you require it, from the first deployment of Sales Force Automation until your team is entirely comfortable with its applications.


Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Yes. When you implement the right software that suits to your business goal, it reduces the sales team’s workload.

There’s no time frame to implement the software. You can implement it to ease your tasks if you are a startup or even an existing brand.

Yes. We always provide the best customer service during implementation process and also after purchase.

Yes. Sales Force Automation will increase your productivity and it directly impacts the revenue.

We are an expert team focused on improving our customer’s business. With our team, you will receive complete support through the service.

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