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Web Server
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We provide easy-to-use and personalized server maintenance services and support solutions. Our adaptable program saves you significant time and provides 24x7 assistance.

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Your servers are being watched

Your servers require 24/7 protection and maintenance to keep them organized and to run smoothly. We provide inclusive support for your servers, with a focus on response time and hardware support.

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Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is more than just watching your servers 24/7. We actually protect them from any hardware failure and rectify it before it impacts the load time and performance.

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Using year-over-year design and latest techs, we will ensure that your new website will be visible

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Network Maintenance

We promptly identify network switches, both internal and external, that is essential for an easy information access to support operations.


InfinityHub secures your servers from risks


Our web server maintenance service includes revamping your website, web analysis, detecting vulnerabilities, detecting broken connections and links and much more that involves design and development.

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Performance and Analysis

Our expert server support services team analyses to detect errors in your website. We keep you instantly updated on the monitoring activities when there’s a server down time.

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From Content to Code

Our server maintenance support benefit is that we never eliminate any single detail of your website that will be a major concern anytime. We watch over all the details right from content to design and codes.


Boost your servers with our best service

InfinityHub is your one stop server maintenance and support solution company for all your web maintenance requirements for Linux, Windows and cPanel server management. Our expert team can design, install, configure, repair and maintain your website’s overall functionality.


Analyse. Identify. Repair. Maintain.

Is your website the primary source tool of lead and customer engagement? Then you should focus on eliminating even a small error. We make sure that your website is well maintained and performs well round the clock.

Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. We execute operations that can identify any near risks of failure and carry out a planned preventive action.

Corrective Maintenance

It's alright that sometimes unexpected errors might occur, and our experts are all alert for any challenges.

Risk-based Maintenance

With our strategic plan and timely response to any threat, we can handle any risk that may occur associated with the server.

Condition-based Maintenance

We understand few issues should be addressed only when the care is needed. We execute such services to relax and perform when a situation indicates for a support.

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Regular is the only normal

Regular server maintenance extends the server's usable life and considerably minimizes the likelihood of costly server crashes.

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Adding Value

Our goal is to build relationships, add value, and solve problems. We accomplish it by offering secure solutions and services that increase value and profitability of your organization.

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Beyond Technology

Collaborate with us to receive server support services from skilled and experienced professionals who understand your business values and help extend beyond technology.

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Learn more about our services

To connect with our team, contact us directly in person or on the phone or send us your expectations through email or message.

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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Yes. You should maintain your server regularly for a better performance and longer life.

Immediately. If you have a website that is new or already live, then start your maintenance immediately for a better business outreach.

Servers should be maintained weekly or monthly in few cases. However, it’s better for email performance when we maintain it daily.

No. When our expert team is already here, you never have to spend your entire day with the maintenance.

We are the experts. We can make you focus on your core business activities while we address all the issues from behind the scenes.

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